Do Resist Bars Support Hormone Health?

protein bar for hormone health

Since our founders both have struggled with their hormone health, we knew we wanted to write a blog like this one! So, how do Resist Bars fit into a hormone healthy lifestyle?

First, our wrappers are free of the endocrine-disrupting chemicals common in food packaging, like BPA and phthalates.

Second our recipe is PACKED with nutrient-dense ingredients and none of the hormone-disrupting, inflammatory junk.

Most protein bars are eaten on-the-go or or on a time crunch without any other food sources to reduce the blood sugar spike. We designed our recipe for each ingredient to work in tandem to fuel you most efficiently, while limiting a blood sugar spike. This is because all food will spike your blood sugar slightly, but foods like fiber, protein, and healthy fat can help keep it more level.

So, what makes our protein bar recipe great for hormone health?

  • Functional, science-backed ingredients
  • Lots of quality fiber
  • High in plant protein
  • Healthy fats
  • Low in natural sugar & carbs / no sugar alcohols
  • Free of hormone-disrupting, inflammatory ingredients
  • No junk

Let's break that down.


Functional, science-backed ingredients

Every ingredient in our recipe was thoughtfully chosen for their science-backed benefits. From regulating blood sugar to boosting energy to increasing antioxidants, nutrient-dense foods and adaptogens like cinnamon & maca are well-researched for hormone health. 

Check out our ingredients page to see how each ingredient helps your body and hormones function optimally.


Lots of quality fiber


We use two types: inulin fiber (from chicory root) and resistant dextrin fiber (from tapioca).
Inulin promotes beneficial gut bacteria involved in metabolizing carbohydrates and promotes sensitivity to insulin, the hormone that helps absorb sugar from the blood – to improve insulin resistance (Zhang 2018Guess 2015). Chicory root fiber has shown to decrease levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates feelings of hunger (Parnell 2009). 

Resistant dextrin (RD) fiber has shown to improve type 2 diabetes & insulin resistance and promote weight loss, likely due to improved liver insulin resistance and serum lipid levels – which boosts fat metabolism (Hu Q 2020Aliasgharzadeh 2015Hu F 2020).

A study of women with Type 2 Diabetes showed that 10g of RD significantly reduced the stress hormone cortisol, improved mood, and boosted immune response (Abbasalizad Farhangi 2018).

In a study of women with PCOS, showed that RD may regulate metabolic parameters, androgen levels, hirsutism, menstrual cycle irregularity (Gholizadeh Shamasbi 2019).


High in plant protein

Plant-based proteins are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients. They are easy-to-digest meaning they won't cause unwanted bloating or inflammation (unlike whey protein!) (Hoffman 2004Tang 2006)

We use high quality pea protein and hemp protein. Both protein protein sources are complete proteins which means they contains all 9 essential amino acids for muscle building, that your body can't make on its own (Tömösközi 2001House 2010).

Research shows these plant proteins are just as effective at keeping you full as whey protein (Diepvens 2007Abou-Samra 2011).


Healthy fats


Healthy fats are great for hormone health because they help keep you fuller for longer, give you an energy boost, and reduce the glycemic impact of carbohydrate foods that they are eaten with (Schönfeld 2016St-Onge 2014Kinsella 2017).

Our main sources of healthy fats come from almonds, (MCT) oil from coconuts, and sunflower lechthin. 

MCT oil has shown in multiple studies to help manage diabetes by reducing fat accumulation, increasing fat burning, improving glucose metabolism, and aiding in blood sugar control (Han 2007Nagao 2009Eckel 1992).

Lecithin also contains fatty acids that can activate gene-regulating receptors that play a major role in energy balance and metabolic function (Zhang 2009Tyagi 2011). Some evidence even points to lecithin’s ability to improve the body’s resilience to cortisol (Hellhammer 2004).


Low in natural sugar & carbs / no sugar alcohols

Resist bars are low glycemic with only 4g net carbs & 2g of sugars = no crazy blood sugar spike or energy crash!

We don't use any added sugars or sugar alcohols. Some sugar alcohols have shown to spike blood sugar despite not being listed as a "sugars" and disrupt the gut (some may even contribute to gut disbiosis).

Sugar alcohols are very sneaky from more obvious ones like Erythritol to less obvious ones like Vegetable Glycerin. Whenever you see the word "glycerin: on a nutrition fact panel, know that it means sugar or sugar alcohol.


Free of hormone-disrupting, inflammatory ingredients


A common ingredient in protein bars is whey protein. We don't use whey because many people have an inflammatory response to whey which can cause bloating.

Additionally, most whey protein sources are low-quality and can contain hormones or antibiotics. Typical cow’s milk has various hormones, including estrdiol, progesterone, testosterone, 17-ketosteroids, corticosterone, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), growth hormone (GH) prolactin, oxytocin and others. And while the effect of these hormones needs more research, we believe the body's hormonal system doesn't need any interference from whey. 

We don't use brown rice protein because it often has high levels of heavy metals and arsenic (due to the absorbency of rice).


No junk!

Transparency is incredibly important to us. So ingredients like "flavors," fillers, sugar alcohols, and gums were not going to cut it. Not only are they not functional and have negative affects, they are also confusing!

For example, natural flavors. They are basically the same as artificial flavors. The difference is the base of the "natural" flavor is made from a plant or animal. But what is not said on the Nutrition Fact panel is the potential added chemicals and solvents that companies won't even disclose to the brand since they are considered proprietary blends. 

Not to mention, for those with allergies, food sensitivities, or dietary restrictions like vegetarian or kosher, "natural flavors" don't work. 


Enter resist bars!


We made our bars because we couldn't find anything we liked. If that sounds like you, and you haven't tried our bars, here is your sign! Shop now →