Founded by women with hormonal and blood sugar imbalances, it is our goal to make it easy for all people to fuel on-the-go while taking care of their bodies and the planet.

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Drew Lederman, Resist Protein Bar Food Startup Founder
Drew Lederman, Co-Founder & CEO

​​After Drew found out she had PCOS and insulin resistance, she tried her best to follow doctors orders: exercise and eat a low carb/sugar diet. But, the protein bars she was eating were driving her symptoms crazy. Frustrated, she stopped eating them -- too afraid of the long ingredients lists and wrappers coated in endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Fast forward to 2019 and Drew is juggling two part-time jobs, an internship and classes at NYU (New York University). Desperate for a filling snack, she went back to eating bars she knew would make her feel worse. In 2020, she decided enough was enough. Using her experience interning at a startup, Resist was born!

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Emily Cohen, Resist Protein Bars Food Startup
Emily Cohen, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer 

In a world full of vanilla, Emily is the oat milk-based, mint chocolate chip ice cream. A masters student in New York University's Food Studies program, she is driven by the integral role of food in the health of humans and the environment. Having experience in the start-up food space, she has a strong grasp on the power of food at multiple levels.

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More About Resist Nutrition

Both Drew and Emily have participated in NYU Entrepreneurial Institute’s Startup Bootcamp, Startup Sprint, and Summer Launchpad programs. Both founders are Female Founder's Fellows at NYU. They are currently in the Target Takeoff program.

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