Chocolate Protein Hummus Recipe

Chocolate Protein Hummus Recipe

We love this Amazing Chocolate Hummus Recipe -- it is super delicious, not too sweet, and very nutrient dense. This is the perfect source of post-workout protein, with a boost of blood-stablizing nutrients.

The chickpeas provide a source of fiber and plant protein, the cacao adds some polyphenol antioxidants, the nut butter gives some healthy fat, and, of course, a Resist Bar is the perfect protein-packed topping.

This super easy and simple combination helps you feel full and keep your blood sugar levels stable -- and is out of this world delicious!

Be sure to share this recipe with your wellness besties -- and tag us if you make it ;)

⁃ 1 can of chickpeas, no salt, BPA free
⁃ 1 tbsp date syrup
⁃ 1 tbsp cacao powder
⁃ 1 tsp sweetener of choice
⁃ 2 tbsp almond butter
⁃ Pinch of salt
⁃ Dash of cinnamon
⁃ Dash of water
⁃ 1 Resist Bar

⁃ Drain and rinse chickpeas and then add to food processor. Add the rest of the ingredients, aside from the water and your Resist bar.
⁃ Blend together. Add water if liquid is needed- or nut milk of choice. Taste and adjust as needed.
⁃ Scoop everything out of food processor and in to a bowl. Top with some chopped chocolate and a Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Chip + Maca Resist bar for a delicious protein boost.