Meet Co-Founder Drew: A busy bee with a hormonal imbalance

Drew Lederman Co-Founder and CEO of Resist Nutrition Inc

FOR DREW LEDERMAN, RESIST BARS CHANGED HER LIFE. You might've heard that Drew has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Insulin Resistance -- she talks about it ALL THE TIME. As the co-founder and CEO at Resist, it's kind of her job. She's used all the tools at her disposal to male Resist a success including her BFA from NYU in acting + journalism, with a minor in business and her experience working for other food brands like Thesis and Chix Soup Co as a social media manager, email marketer, and copywriter.


Keep reading to dive into Drew's full story, favorite PCOS tips, biggest learnings post-diagnosis, journey to Resist, and more...


So, tell us a bit more about you. Where are you from and what did you study in school?


I'm from West Palm Beach, Florida. And my path to entrepreneurship is a bit weird since from a young age I thought I wanted to be an actor so I went to NYU for acting. I added on a journalism double major halfway through and ended with a minor is entertainment business.


When I graduated I wanted to be a writer and producer for film and television. I still write screenplays with my writing partner in my free time!


That's fun! Do you have any other hobbies?


Well, I love weight-lifting, walking around New York City, traveling, reading, and trying new restaurants.


What got you into the food space?


I have a classic founder story, in the sense that I had a personal health crisis [getting diagnosed with PCOS & insulin resistance], and realized I had a problem: it was so hard to eat on-the-go since I had terrible reactions to the current bars available. So I set out to make a better bar. 


And it's so crazy to look back on the photos of when I felt my worse and know that I was eating 1-2 bars per day thinking I was doing something good for my body. And it's frustrating to me that the options are so misleading that it took me almost 4 years to learn about food as medicine, hormone health, and blood sugar friendly eating in my free time. It should not be that difficult!


And since so many people struggle with insulin resistance and PCOS -- in addition to other common conditions like diabetes, endometriosis, and even menopause -- where hormone and blood sugar health make a huge difference in symptoms, I knew I wasn't alone in needing a better solution.


What has been the most rewarding moment since starting Resist?


Seeing the DMs and reviews from people who are seeing stable blood sugar levels on their continuous glucose monitors. I also love getting comments on the memes we post that it makes people feel less alone to have a community like ours.


What is your favorite ingredient by far? 


I really love chia seeds. I'm trying to figure out how we can work them into more flavors. I also love pumpkin seeds!


What is an ingredient or food that you avoid like the plague?


I operate off of the add not subtract method when it comes to most meals. But, when it comes to packaged foods it's much easier to be picky versus when you're at a restaurant or traveling.


I really don't like "vegetable glycerin" -- it sounds healthy, but it's just a sugar alcohol. I also don't like brown rice syrup since it also sounds healthy but is really straight sugar. The trend here is I don't like inflammatory, hormone-disrupting ingredients that masquerade as healthy.


Do you have a favorite self-care tip?


Meditation and box breathing. Self-care and relaxation has so many benefits but I noticed that I saw the biggest positive change in my gut health. 


You don't like a lot of sweeteners, are there any sweet treats you love?


I literally think everything is too sweet, but I do really love tiramisu and s'mores.


If you had to choose between fiber, healthy fats, and plant protein, what would you choose?


I would say fiber. I have seen the biggest changes by adding fiber and it can be pretty easy! Sometimes I have a Resist Bar or a big side of veggies with a carb heavy meal to help my blood sugar stay stable.


What has been the most frustrating moment as a co-founder of Resist bars?


There are plenty, but it how Emily and I react that matters more. We are both problem solvers. For example, it can be frustrating to deal with shipping or manufacturing delays, but we can take those moments to problem solve and learn for next time.


You live in NYC. What does your perfect day there look like?


Wake up around 8, eat a Resist bar, go to the gym, shower, put on a cute outfit, grab a coffee with a friend, walk over the Williamsburg Bridge, go thrifting, brunch, mini golf or pottery class or something like that, reading in the park, see a show of some kind, late dinner, drinks, and in bed by midnight!



And lastly what is your favorite Resist bar flavor?


Goji Cherry Chia, of course.