Blood Sugar Stable Sweet Potato Toasties

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We love Sweet Potato Toasties -- and even more so when they are sweet!

Let's get into the science of how to make this dish even more nutrient dense. The way to instantly boost the nutritional content of something like potatoes or rice is by prepping the starch, letting it cool, and then reheating and cooling again. This helps activate the resistant starch found in the carbohydrate.

Then when you add on a source of fat to the carb, it helps stabilize blood sugar when you eat it -- preventing any blood sugar spikes!

Share these delicious toasties with your wellness besties and tag us if you make it :)

⁃ 1-2 sweet potatoes (variety of types)
⁃ Coconut yogurt
⁃ 1 Resist Bar

⁃ Slice sweet potato in to thin rounds.
⁃ Prepare pot with some water and steamer basket. Add in sweet potatoes and let steam until soft.
⁃ Once sweet potatoes are done, let cool and stick in the fridge over night.
⁃ When ready to eat, heat some coconut oil over medium heat in pan. Add sweet potatoes and let each side cook for 3-5 minutes.
⁃ Remove from heat and let cool.
⁃ Layer on coconut yogurt and your Resist Bar and enjoy!