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Does Monk Fruit Spike Blood Sugar?

Resist Bars Ingredient Monk Fruit, A Guilt-Free Sweetener That Doesn't Mess With Hormone Health

If you have a sweet tooth, but are trying to avoid blood sugar spikes, monk fruit could be an amazing option for you! 

What is monk fruit?

First off, monk fruit is a natural sweetener extracted from the monk fruit plant. The best part? It's sweet without any calories or sugar spikes. Say goodbye to those sugar crashes and hello to guilt-free sweetness! 

Monk fruit, also known as lo han guo or Swingle fruit (Siraitia grosvenorii), is a small round fruit native to southern China. It has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine as a cold and digestive aid.

Does Monk Fruit Spike Blood Sugar?

Research has shown that monk fruit extract does not raise blood sugar levels in humans, and is beneficial for people with diabetes and other metabolic disorders (Tey 2016, Zhou 2018).

What gives ripe monk fruit its sweetness is an all-natural compound called mogrosides, which studies show has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (Chen 2007, Di 2011).

Life it too short to avoid sweetness all-together, which is why option like monk fruit are so amazing!