Are you hungry right after lunch?

salty snacks cravings after lunch

The reason you are hungry so soon after eating could be because you didn’t eat enough fiber! Fiber keeps you feeling fuller for longer, so you won’t be HANGRY and reach for that bag of chips in the afternoon. 

A lot of people ask: is tapioca fiber or cassava fiber good for you? The answer is YES! 

Fiber and digestive health go together like Selena and Taylor. Over the last few years we’ve all been part of the growing discussion of gut health. And it’s no wonder since about 95% of the US population doesn’t get an adequate amount of fiber in their diet each day. This is very problematic. 

First of all, fiber keeps things moving down there, if you catch my drift. No one wants to be stuck on the porcelain throne for hours on end. 

But fiber does more than just keeping you regular:

  1. Fiber is one of the MOST important components to optimal metabolic health, gut health and overall well being. 
  2. It can also help regulate blood sugar levels. 
  3. Not meeting fiber needs can result in long-term problems related to digestive health, mental well-being and immune resilience. 

Okay, but how does fiber do that?

At a quick overview, fiber from food doesn’t break down in the digestive tract but instead passes through the body undigested. Staying in this form can help remove waste amongst its path. We can’t help but picture this in our heads. Additionally, fiber helps reduce the rate of absorption of sugars, which in return, curbs blood sugar and insulin spikes. 

Adding fiber to our diet is pretty easy, however, one of the biggest issues in regards to high-fiber food is that a lot of people reach for high carbohydrate foods, like oatmeal and whole wheat bread, which can cause blood sugar spikes. The key here is to be mindful of what types of fiber-rich food you are consuming.

I get it! Now, what should I eat for more fiber?

On the go, you should reach for a Resist bar. Our high fiber bars have around 15g per bar which is half of your daily recommended amount! If you do lean towards those higher carbohydrate fiber sources, make sure to add a source of healthy fat and protein to help mitigate blood sugar spikes. Instead, try adding some flaxseed or chia seeds to your smoothie, matcha or yogurt. You won’t even taste them and they add a nice crunch! 

So, do yourself a favor and add some fiber to your diet. Your gut (and your pants) will thank you.