Are protein bars healthy? 4 key things to look for in a protein bar

Resist Nutrition Balance Protein Bar

The protein bar market is huge. From keto-friendly to whey protein to “naturally-flavored”, there are tons of protein bars with crazy different ingredients and formulas. If you’re like me, sometimes it’s overwhelming to choose a bar from that huge wall of rainbow-lined protein bars at Whole Foods. So, I created a guide for what really matters in a protein bar and how you should choose your next snack.

Here are some green and red flags you should be looking for in a protein bar:


1. Can you read the ingredients?

GREEN FLAG : you can actually pronounce all the ingredients and easily find out where the ingredients are sourced.

RED FLAG  🚩: when there are a ton of “x’s” in the ingredient list (polydextrose, xylitol, titanium dioxide, etc.). PS: no food that has the letter “x” in it is naturally derived from the Earth— and if you want to feel your best, you have to eat your best. Real, whole, natural ingredients are the best option! 

Look for a bar with real ingredients and the less ingredients, the better! *queue Tame Impala* Resist Bars only have 10 ingredients and are made with nutrient-dense plant-based superfoods with science-backed benefits designed to work together to fuel you efficiently. Learn more about Resist Bars’ ingredients here!


2. How much sugar and what kind of sugar?

GREEN FLAG : less than 4gs of sugar from natural ingredients found in nature. Sugars like allulose have a low glycemic index and glycemic load. So, it does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels, which is great for people who have diabetes, PCOS, and insulin resistance.

RED FLAG  🚩: any syrups (high fructose corn syrups, brown rice syrup, fructose syrup, etc.), sugar alcohols (sorbitol, xylitol, erythritol, etc.), and artificial sweeteners (sucralose is mainly used). These sugars spike glucose levels, have no nutritional benefit, and carry an array of other health problems. Again, real, whole, natural ingredients are the best option!    

Sugars are not created equally! I repeat, sugars are not created equally! Look for a bar with  natural sugars and very low amounts. Resist Bars are low glycemic protein bars that have only 4g of net carbs & 2g of sugars. No more crazy blood sugar spikes or energy crashes!


3. How is the bar packaged?

GREEN FLAG : BPA-free, phthalate-free, endocrine-disruptor-free, and paper packaging are not only the cleanest packaging (no chemicals = no hormone disruptions!) but also the most sustainable for the planet. It’s a win-win.

RED FLAG  🚩: Look for BPA, and phthalate-free packaging! 


4. Watch out for sneaky ingredients

GREEN FLAG : whole food ingredients that have actual health benefits. A balanced combination of plant-based protein, healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants/adaptogens is ideal.

RED FLAG  🚩: Vegetable glycerin, IMO fiber (syrup), “natural flavors”… what may sound “healthy” (using terms like vegetable, fiber, natural, etc.) can actually be ingredients that destroy the gut microbiome and creates risk for metabolic diseases. Additionally, these ingredients can come from mysterious sources.

If you’re looking for a delicious protein bar with scientifically-proven results to balance your blood sugar levels and hormones, Resist Bars are here for you. 

Give us a try here— embrace the good, resist the rest. Your new favorite protein bar *no seriously I promise you’ll love it!*